Avoid starting things when the Moon is Void.

All’s quiet on the planetary front. A welcome break from recent celestial smashups. Relax & enjoy!

The Moon goes void around noon (PST) and remains in this state for nearly 9 hours, until it moves into its favorite sign, Taurus at 8:39pm.  The Moon is “exalted” in Taurus, which is a bit of traditional jargon for describing the sign a planet most enjoys inhabiting.

During this Void-of-Course Moon time, it’s best to engage in brainstorming and creative pursuits, while putting off launching any important ventures.  The typical remark you’ll hear from Astrologers about the Void Moon is that if you start something when the Moon is Void, “nothing will come of it.”

Don’t worry if you feel up in the air all afternoon – once the Moon settles into Taurus the wheels of life will regain their traction and we’ll all be more grounded.

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