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Talk about a blast from the past!

Jupiter on South Node revives karmic connections in a big, fun way. Time to kiss any old regrets goodbye.

It’s been building for the last couple of weeks and will last a couple more.

Great time to empty out those karmic closets, clear away old baggage, and release the ties that held you back.

And since it’s in Gemini, why not pick up the phone and call an old friend!

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An epidemic of playful curiosity is upon us!

Who let Jupiter into Gemini? That’s like setting Pandora loose in a room full of sealed boxes!

Playful curiosity shall reign as the predominant emotion for the next year or so.

Let’s set a few ground rules:

Don’t even try to finish what you start, and stop making promises you don’t want to keep.

Just learn something new each day, and cover as much ground as you can.

When in doubt, go whichever way the wind blows.

The one with the most frequent flyer miles wins!

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Full Moon on the Equinox

We reach a tipping point as Full Moon triggers volatile Jupiter/Uranus combo right on the Equinox. It’s a giant see-saw! Seek balance.

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Boisterous fun & games

A boisterous evening is underway as Moon connects with Jupiter & Uranus on its way into Gemini. Try to keep it down to a dull roar 😉

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Balancing act

Sociopolitical tensions peak with Jupiter opposite Saturn. Forge an alliance between your inner optimist and pessimist. Balance faith with facts.

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No taking it easy this evening

Moon in Libra normally just wants to relax and take it easy, but first it has to negotiate a truce among Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto.

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Work it off, work it out…just work it.

Leo New Moon packs a punch as it bisects an arm of the Cardinal T-Square, fueling a powerful planetary workout. High stakes energy drives new projects!

2010 Leo New Moon

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Follow the bouncing ball…

Venus is bouncing around like a ping-pong ball in a room full of mousetraps! Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto send hearts spinning.

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Go get ’em!

Enterprising, go-getter energy is unprecedented right now: 70% of all planets are in Cardinal Signs, plus the Lunar Nodes too!

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Heated, momentous, and intense showdown underway

Mars, Jupiter & Pluto align in battle formation. Can we pull together, or is it a tug-of-war? It’s heated, it’s momentous, and it’s intense.

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