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Mercury Retrograde is the least of our worries

The bad news: plans go awry and things break for the next few weeks.

The good news: when it all goes haywire, you can blame Mercury!

But the truth is, Mercury Retrograde is nothing compared to the REAL agitator this week: Mars moving into battle formation w/ Pluto-Uranus.

Be careful out there, people.

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Venus moving forward again

Ok, Venus is direct. You are now free to move about the shopping malls. But only 17 more shopping days till Mercury goes retrograde!

Botticelli - La Nascita di Venere

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Pivotal point

Clarity battles confusion as Sun meets retrograde Mercury. A pivotal point for reflecting & revising plans. Take action after Sept. 13th.

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Sun in Virgo to clean up loose ends

Sun sweeps into Virgo to clean up loose ends, shining a spotlight on retrograde Mercury’s efforts to revamp, rediscover, and revitalize things.

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Lovestruck confusion saturates the airwaves

Under Neptune’s spell, Venus says “yes” to Mars but Saturn & Pluto intrude with “Not so fast, Romeo!”. Mercury backtracks indecisively. Hmmm

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It’s baaack…Mercury goes retro on Friday

Mental gears grind to a halt as Mercury stations in Virgo, turning retrograde on Friday. For the next 3 weeks: reconnect, retreat, revise, research, refine.

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Mercury finally goes direct

Mercury is no longer Retrograde! You are now free to move about the country, sign contracts, purchase electronic devices, etc.

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Dig deep.

Mercury trine Pluto helps to focus the mind today.  Laser-like intensity of focus comes more easily. Dig deep & get to the bottom of things.

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Time to get ready

The next week & a half is for gathering resources & taking stock, with waning Moon & Mercury still retrograde. Make your move after May 13th.

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A very earthy day

Happy Earth Day! And a very earthy day it is, with Sun, Mercury & Venus all in practical, sensual Taurus. Seek out the beauty in life!

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