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Big Bird’s Neptunian moment of martyrdom

Last night’s US Presidential debate unfolded under a highly-charged Grand Cross configuration.

The most memorable moment was when Mitt Romney declared his love for Big Bird while nevertheless proclaiming a desire to eliminate funding for PBS. The Internet erupted in a flurry of tweets and Facebook posts about Big Bird and his beloved Sesame Street pals.

It is fitting that this pivotal development occurred as the Grand Cross became precisely angular, with the Moon rising in the East opposite Mars & the North Node setting in the West, while Neptune culminated at the Midheaven opposite Venus at the Nadir.

The astrological signature for this moment of Big Bird’s martyrdom shows Big Bird’s own natal Neptune (at 28 degrees Scorpio) setting on the Western horizon, under planetary fire from all 4 directions simultaneously.

(Big Bird’s first appearance was November 10, 1969 – Source: Wikipedia)

the "Big Bird" moment of the US Presidential debate

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Moon gone Void in Pisces

With the Moon gone Void in Pisces today, the general public is immersed in realms of empathic sensitivity.

Ego dissolves & time stops marching on.

Here’s a good resource for all you Neptunians & Pisces types out there—follow @EmpathicSupport on Twitter for tips & support on the challenges of being empathic.

You can also join the Empath Support Group at


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Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon.

Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon. I imagine people will be having some interesting dreams tonight…Virgo says write it down when you wake up.

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Lovestruck confusion saturates the airwaves

Under Neptune’s spell, Venus says “yes” to Mars but Saturn & Pluto intrude with “Not so fast, Romeo!”. Mercury backtracks indecisively. Hmmm

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Alternative to following your dreams

Moon square Neptune: “I’m sick of following my dreams…I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later.” – Mitch Hedberg

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Dancing with the stars

Uranus/Neptune mutual reception is back on! Let’s try to enjoy it as much as these two:

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Moon dashes through Aries

Moon dashes through Aries all day, in a hurry to get away from it all with Neptune at the end of Aquarius tonight.

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Lots happening with love and money

Venus spends a very busy final day in Taurus, mixing it up with Neptune, Uranus, & Saturn. Lots of action in realms of love & money.

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Lost at sea, up in the air, then back down to earth

Taurus Moon gets all befuddled & excited by Neptune & Uranus this evening until Saturn steps in to stabilize things.

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Full Moon pressure cooker

Full moon hits the release valve on Saturn-Pluto-Uranus pressure cooker, while Venus & Neptune cast a glamorous glow. Don’t be foolish!

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