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Happy Aphelion Day!

Feeling estranged from your life force lately? Here’s why.

Or need a holiday from your own ego? Now’s your chance.

It’s called Aphelion.

Check out the science of it all: Earth farthest from sun for 2012 on July 4

[ Image credit: NASA via ]

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Happy Sweltering Solstice!

Sun comes to a standstill, while Cancer Moon turns up the heat on a sizzling Uranus-Pluto combo.

The Universe wants to know: what’s YOUR melting point?

Melting Ice Cream Truck

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Dancing with the Transit of Venus

This is possibly the most fun Transit of Venus image I’ve seen so far: these people are doin’ it right!

Source: via Starology on Pinterest

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Close Encounter of the Venusian Kind

Venus glides across the Sun, pressing a giant “reset” button on Love, Beauty, and Money.

What you want will never be the same again.

It’s all about wiping the slate clean and starting over in matters of the heart; forging new desires in the crucible of conscious awareness.

Release your attachments and unleash that inner artist!

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Pivotal point

Clarity battles confusion as Sun meets retrograde Mercury. A pivotal point for reflecting & revising plans. Take action after Sept. 13th.

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Keeping it real

Sun, Moon & Pluto form a triad of grounded stability today in Earth signs. Get in touch w/the realm of tangible things!

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Make it happen!

Smooth flow between Sun and Pluto lends extra power for achieving goals. Dig deep and align your desires with the energy to fulfill them.

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Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon.

Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon. I imagine people will be having some interesting dreams tonight…Virgo says write it down when you wake up.

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Sun in Virgo to clean up loose ends

Sun sweeps into Virgo to clean up loose ends, shining a spotlight on retrograde Mercury’s efforts to revamp, rediscover, and revitalize things.

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Work it off, work it out…just work it.

Leo New Moon packs a punch as it bisects an arm of the Cardinal T-Square, fueling a powerful planetary workout. High stakes energy drives new projects!

2010 Leo New Moon

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