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Water Grand Trine 9 months after Apocalypse

Behold the Water Grand Trine in chart of all the kids that’ll be born 9 months from now—Lots of peacemakers being made tonight 😉

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 1.24.24 AM

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Mars trine Uranus for the FTW!!!

If you ever need to perform a crazy, daredevil, tech-intensive stunt, be sure Mars is in sync with Uranus: ♂ △ ♅ FTW!!!

Mars trine Uranus FTW!!!

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Tread lightly!

Caution: Tomorrow, the Moon meets up with Mars to trigger the big bad T-Square with Uranus & Pluto. Short fuses + flaring tempers = explosive moods. Tread lightly!

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Jump and grow wings

Spoken like a true Aries: “I will jump and I will grow wings on the way down.”

Jump and grow wings

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C’mon, inner peace — I don’t have all day.

Today’s Full Moon intensifies a T-square to Pluto-Uranus, right as Mars jumps into the fray of clashing Cardinal signs.

It soon gets even crazier, as Mars marches deeper into the Pluto-Uranus line of fire. All is tinder, so don’t toss matches!

100% chance of increasing agitation for the next few weeks, but good things come to those who wait it out.

 "C'mon, inner peace—I don't have all day."

[ Image source: Paulo Coelho @ ]

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You say you want a Revolution?

Political turmoil is all the rage for the next few years, now that Uranus Square Pluto is underway. Last time these two planets met up was in the 60s. You say you want a Revolution? Well, you know . . . All you need is LOVE!


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Close Encounter of the Venusian Kind

Venus glides across the Sun, pressing a giant “reset” button on Love, Beauty, and Money.

What you want will never be the same again.

It’s all about wiping the slate clean and starting over in matters of the heart; forging new desires in the crucible of conscious awareness.

Release your attachments and unleash that inner artist!

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We tie up loose ends in the dark of a waning moon, preparing to break out of old ruts under the umbrella of a Solar Eclipse. Lay low and wait a few days before launching new beginnings!

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Winds of change

Time to adjust your sails as winds of change fill the skies, with both Mercury and Pluto changing course to move forward with intensity!

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