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Moon dashes through Aries

Moon dashes through Aries all day, in a hurry to get away from it all with Neptune at the end of Aquarius tonight.

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Moon skips along through Aquarius, hand in hand with Aries Sun…a playful respite from Saturn/Uranus/Pluto mayhem. Enjoy!

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Time out

In the wake of today’s intensification of Venus by Pluto, there are no major happenings tomorrow. Take this cosmic “time out” to let the dust settle a bit in matters of love and money. You won’t be bored, as Moon in Aquarius keeps things novel and a little offbeat.

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Meeting of minds

Smooth sailing & clear skies for communication or mental pursuits this evening. Gemini Moon’s in harmony with all things Mercurial.

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Nothing to see here…move along…

Ok so today is not a big deal…Moon in Libra makes friends with the sociable Aquarian Sun early on at 6:14am PST and then has a nice time with the friendly Aquarian Venus around tea time (4:30pm PST to be exact…)

Carry on with all social activities.

Oh, but look out for the Moon’s square to Mercury this evening at 6:05pm PST – that’s when communications can get over-emotional or excessively irrational…

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Venus and Mars: tug of war or delicate balancing act?

It’s the battle of the sexes!  Mars & Venus oppose each other today, which gets hormones pumping & creative juices flowing.

The natural tension between Yin and Yang is stretched to the limit.

This opposition is exact at 9:29pm PST, and the planetary “push-me-pull-you” brings the energy of Leo and Aquarius front and center, as Mars and Venus cavort in those signs.

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Ain’t it Grand?

The Gemini Moon, Aquarian Venus, and Saturn in Libra join hands and gather round to dance a happy dance together.

Today’s Grand Trine in Air signs can make even shy folks feel like social butterflies.

Great for collaborative thinking, brainstorming, writing, communications, lighthearted games, and witty wordplay.

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Expect the unexpected – Uranian energy is revved up!

This is the dawning of the month of Aquarius! Sun joins Venus in Aquarius this eve. as Moon pings Aquarian ruler, Uranus.

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What’s that zappy sensation?

Feel an electrical buzz in the air? Charming Venus just entered Aquarius. Great 4 group endeavors & zany escapades w/ friends.

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