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Happy Sweltering Solstice!

Sun comes to a standstill, while Cancer Moon turns up the heat on a sizzling Uranus-Pluto combo.

The Universe wants to know: what’s YOUR melting point?

Melting Ice Cream Truck

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Go get ’em!

Enterprising, go-getter energy is unprecedented right now: 70% of all planets are in Cardinal Signs, plus the Lunar Nodes too!

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Cardinal Cross activation

Moon in Cancer activates the Cardinal Cross. Cosmic traffic jams impel us to break through old barricades and forge a new path.

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Happy Cardinal Cross/Lunar Eclipse!

Happy Cardinal Cross/Lunar Eclipse! I hope the powerful intensification of this moment is happening in a good way for each one of you 🙂

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Everything’s coming up roses today

Everything’s coming up roses today, as Cancer Moon mingles merrily with Jupiter in morning & Venus this evening.

Good time for a home-cooked meal enjoyed with family and friends.

Also a good time for some romance, if you are into that sort of thing 😉

Engaging in creative inspiration is another great way to tap into today’s smooth vibes flowing between Cancer & Pisces.

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The calm before the storm…

Gather your reserves for this weekend’s big blowout!

The Moon spends one last day in Cancer, making very few waves aside from a light touch of Uranian stimulation this evening.

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Upbeat, with a chance of brooding intensity later in the day.

The Moon rolls into its home sign of Cancer at 6:01am PST and kicks things off with a friendly hello to generous Jupiter over in Pisces.

Enjoy the morning’s goodwill and upbeat energy, for things intensify by early afternoon when the moody Moon triggers this year’s powerful face-off between Pluto and Saturn.

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