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Talk about a blast from the past!

Jupiter on South Node revives karmic connections in a big, fun way. Time to kiss any old regrets goodbye.

It’s been building for the last couple of weeks and will last a couple more.

Great time to empty out those karmic closets, clear away old baggage, and release the ties that held you back.

And since it’s in Gemini, why not pick up the phone and call an old friend!

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Double-good fun!

In honor of today’s rare double-take of a second New Moon in the sign of the Twins, I think I’ll have two of everything for the next month 🙂

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An epidemic of playful curiosity is upon us!

Who let Jupiter into Gemini? That’s like setting Pandora loose in a room full of sealed boxes!

Playful curiosity shall reign as the predominant emotion for the next year or so.

Let’s set a few ground rules:

Don’t even try to finish what you start, and stop making promises you don’t want to keep.

Just learn something new each day, and cover as much ground as you can.

When in doubt, go whichever way the wind blows.

The one with the most frequent flyer miles wins!

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Social butterflies, unite!

And now, for a more lighthearted approach to love & relationships: Venus is in Gemini ’till May 19. Social butterflies, unite!

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Anything goes

Gemini Moon is first zapped by Uranus, then bedazzled & bamboozled by the Void Moon on a trine to Neptune for the rest of the eve. Get creative!

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Meeting of minds

Smooth sailing & clear skies for communication or mental pursuits this evening. Gemini Moon’s in harmony with all things Mercurial.

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First Quarter Moon, and boy is it busy!

After a night of strange dreams from Uranus, Chiron & Neptune, the Moon kicks into Gemini with a spring in its step.  Friendly energy from Mars and Saturn this afternoon and evening means this Moon is up for the challenge.  Pick a challenge, any challenge!

First Quarter Moon is exact today at 4:42pm Pacific Time

1st quarter moon Feb 21, 2010

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Ain’t it Grand?

The Gemini Moon, Aquarian Venus, and Saturn in Libra join hands and gather round to dance a happy dance together.

Today’s Grand Trine in Air signs can make even shy folks feel like social butterflies.

Great for collaborative thinking, brainstorming, writing, communications, lighthearted games, and witty wordplay.

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