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Work it off, work it out…just work it.

Leo New Moon packs a punch as it bisects an arm of the Cardinal T-Square, fueling a powerful planetary workout. High stakes energy drives new projects!

2010 Leo New Moon

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…and not a drop to drink.

We’ve had no Water sign planets since the Sun left Cancer for Leo on July 22nd. Uranus dives back into Pisces next week with a splash to fix that for us. Meanwhile, make an extra effort to nourish your soul if you do not enjoy this respite from emotions & sensitivity (Water). This is a time of extreme pragmatism (Earth) combined w/ hot-headed action & adventure (Fire), all fueled by a social whirlpool of connections to be made (Air).

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All bets are off until this evening

Moon goes void on a trine to Uranus at 9:48am Pacific Time and so we enter the Twilight Zone…it lasts all day until Moon enters Leo at 5:08pm Pacific Time. Then our Moon meets up with Mars to pump some extra drive & energy into early evening activities. Saturn lends a slow & steady end to the day’s ups & downs.

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Back down to Earth

After partying & painting the town red with the Leo Mars all weekend, it’s time for the now-waning Moon to slip into Virgo and clean up the mess left behind.

The Moon enters Virgo at 5:23am PST on Sunday morning, just in time to start tidying and getting things shipshape for the day’s big event: the Saturn & Pluto face-off, which is exact for the second time since last November.

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The calm before the storm…

Gather your reserves for this weekend’s big blowout!

The Moon spends one last day in Cancer, making very few waves aside from a light touch of Uranian stimulation this evening.

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Venus and Mars: tug of war or delicate balancing act?

It’s the battle of the sexes!  Mars & Venus oppose each other today, which gets hormones pumping & creative juices flowing.

The natural tension between Yin and Yang is stretched to the limit.

This opposition is exact at 9:29pm PST, and the planetary “push-me-pull-you” brings the energy of Leo and Aquarius front and center, as Mars and Venus cavort in those signs.

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