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Marissa Mayer at the Cardinal Crossroads

Here’s the power-packed birth chart of Yahoo!’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer. Her natal Mars-opposite-Pluto is precisely at the fulcrum of our world’s current Pluto-square-Uranus upheaval. Transiting Mars this week propels her right into the Cardinal Crossroads of renewal vs. chaos!

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO

Birth Time: Unknown | Date of Birth: May 30, 1975 | Place of Birth: Wasau, Wisconsin

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Prepare for liftoff

Mars into Libra leaves us with a lack of Earth element for the rest of summer.

Things lose traction, the world grows idle, it’s unclear where we stand…

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No taking it easy this evening

Moon in Libra normally just wants to relax and take it easy, but first it has to negotiate a truce among Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto.

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Go get ’em!

Enterprising, go-getter energy is unprecedented right now: 70% of all planets are in Cardinal Signs, plus the Lunar Nodes too!

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Moment of Decision

Mars meets up with Saturn in Libra, offering the drive & determination needed to make hard choices. This is no time for indecisiveness!

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Shake, rattle, and roll!

The Cardinal Cross kicks into full gear w/Mars in Libra opposing Uranus. It’s time to shake things up & take innovative action!

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Happy Cardinal Cross/Lunar Eclipse!

Happy Cardinal Cross/Lunar Eclipse! I hope the powerful intensification of this moment is happening in a good way for each one of you 🙂

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Dodging landmines

After a tense morning of dodging landmines planted by Saturn & Uranus, Moon escapes into Libra to relax with Venus all afternoon.

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Nothing to see here…move along…

Ok so today is not a big deal…Moon in Libra makes friends with the sociable Aquarian Sun early on at 6:14am PST and then has a nice time with the friendly Aquarian Venus around tea time (4:30pm PST to be exact…)

Carry on with all social activities.

Oh, but look out for the Moon’s square to Mercury this evening at 6:05pm PST – that’s when communications can get over-emotional or excessively irrational…

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Ain’t it Grand?

The Gemini Moon, Aquarian Venus, and Saturn in Libra join hands and gather round to dance a happy dance together.

Today’s Grand Trine in Air signs can make even shy folks feel like social butterflies.

Great for collaborative thinking, brainstorming, writing, communications, lighthearted games, and witty wordplay.

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