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Moon gone Void in Pisces

With the Moon gone Void in Pisces today, the general public is immersed in realms of empathic sensitivity.

Ego dissolves & time stops marching on.

Here’s a good resource for all you Neptunians & Pisces types out there—follow @EmpathicSupport on Twitter for tips & support on the challenges of being empathic.

You can also join the Empath Support Group at


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…and not a drop to drink.

We’ve had no Water sign planets since the Sun left Cancer for Leo on July 22nd. Uranus dives back into Pisces next week with a splash to fix that for us. Meanwhile, make an extra effort to nourish your soul if you do not enjoy this respite from emotions & sensitivity (Water). This is a time of extreme pragmatism (Earth) combined w/ hot-headed action & adventure (Fire), all fueled by a social whirlpool of connections to be made (Air).

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Wafting on a waning Pisces Moon…

Waning Pisces Moon brings nostalgic reveries while making emotional connections to Mercury & Venus. People can feel each other’s thoughts.

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Hey, keep it down in there!

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Uranus throw a spontaneous party in Pisces for the New Moon. Saturn asks ’em to turn down the volume.

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Expect the unexpected as Sun, Mercury, & Uranus join in Pisces. Watch out for electrical surges & short-circuits & flying non sequiturs.

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Sail away

Moon bumps into Neptune & goes Void, knocking the wind out of its sails @ 4:57am. It’s smooth sailing after Moon enters Pisces @ 10:43am PST

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Lost at sea

If you’re feeling a bit “lost at sea” these days, it could be due to the unusual profusion of planets in Neptune’s realm of Pisces: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus!

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Speaking metaphorically

Mercury in Pisces until March 17th means everyone should speak only in metaphors 😉

Submerge your mind in archetypal dreamscapes.

Intuition is favored over logic.

The mind takes a poetic turn.

Communication can become fuzzy and disordered to those with an especially rational nature.

Try to understand with your feelings more than with your brain.

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Everything’s coming up roses today

Everything’s coming up roses today, as Cancer Moon mingles merrily with Jupiter in morning & Venus this evening.

Good time for a home-cooked meal enjoyed with family and friends.

Also a good time for some romance, if you are into that sort of thing 😉

Engaging in creative inspiration is another great way to tap into today’s smooth vibes flowing between Cancer & Pisces.

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Imagination rules with Sun in Pisces

Sun is in Pisces now so imagination is more important than knowledge for the next month.

The Sun shines a warm light on the realm of intuition.

Pay attention to your quiet inner voice, and follow your hunches.

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