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Lots happening with love and money

Venus spends a very busy final day in Taurus, mixing it up with Neptune, Uranus, & Saturn. Lots of action in realms of love & money.

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A very earthy day

Happy Earth Day! And a very earthy day it is, with Sun, Mercury & Venus all in practical, sensual Taurus. Seek out the beauty in life!

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Mercury going Retro in earthy Taurus

Mercury goes retrograde in the “hands-on” sign of Taurus this evening. Spend the next few weeks fixing what’s broken. Great for spring cleaning!

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Lost at sea, up in the air, then back down to earth

Taurus Moon gets all befuddled & excited by Neptune & Uranus this evening until Saturn steps in to stabilize things.

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Lay the groundwork now

Mercury’s settling into Taurus for an extended stay until June 9, while going Retrograde April 17-May 11. Lay the groundwork now.

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Everything’s coming up roses

Taurus welcomes Venus back to its home sign. Take time to stop & smell the roses from now through April 24.

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Be stable, not stubborn

Taurus Moon picks a fight w/Mars first thing in the morning then makes friends w/Pluto, Jupiter, & Venus. Try to be stable, not stubborn.

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Steady as she goes, until the fog rolls in…

Sunday starts out stable & grounded, with the Moon wrapping up its stay in earthy Taurus and the Sun forming an exact trine to sober Saturn.

Then things take a mystical turn after 7:03pm PST, when the Moon goes Void after clashing w/Neptune.

Try to get things done before this evening, and then be ready to relax and go with the flow.

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Avoid starting things when the Moon is Void.

All’s quiet on the planetary front. A welcome break from recent celestial smashups. Relax & enjoy!

The Moon goes void around noon (PST) and remains in this state for nearly 9 hours, until it moves into its favorite sign, Taurus at 8:39pm.  The Moon is “exalted” in Taurus, which is a bit of traditional jargon for describing the sign a planet most enjoys inhabiting.

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