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Time to organize your heart.

Venus into Virgo means it’s time to organize your heart and direct your feelings into practical pursuits. Start making those lists and checking things off!


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Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon.

Fantasia! Neptunian Full Moon. I imagine people will be having some interesting dreams tonight…Virgo says write it down when you wake up.

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Sun in Virgo to clean up loose ends

Sun sweeps into Virgo to clean up loose ends, shining a spotlight on retrograde Mercury’s efforts to revamp, rediscover, and revitalize things.

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It’s baaack…Mercury goes retro on Friday

Mental gears grind to a halt as Mercury stations in Virgo, turning retrograde on Friday. For the next 3 weeks: reconnect, retreat, revise, research, refine.

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Back to Virgo for Saturn

Saturn has a few details to wrap up in Virgo, so it’s stepping back into the sign briefly. After July 21st, Saturn won’t return to Virgo till 2036!

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Take out the trash

Saturn & Uranus have been trashing Pluto lately, but along comes a trine from Virgo Moon to help clean up the mess.

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Expanding the envelope

Full Moon joins Jupiter: expanding the envelope. Boundaries & limits recede in the wake of desire for growth & mind-broadening experiences.

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Stay on track until plans derail

The Moon spends the day taking care of business in Virgo, encountering no major roadblocks or obstacles during daylight hours.

A nice, co-operative trine from the Moon to Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, helps to keep our mental gears well-oiled and rolling along productively.

Things turn topsy-turvy later in the evening, however, as the Moon smashes head-on into Uranus while going Void-of-Course at 8:17pm PST.

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Back down to Earth

After partying & painting the town red with the Leo Mars all weekend, it’s time for the now-waning Moon to slip into Virgo and clean up the mess left behind.

The Moon enters Virgo at 5:23am PST on Sunday morning, just in time to start tidying and getting things shipshape for the day’s big event: the Saturn & Pluto face-off, which is exact for the second time since last November.

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