Don’t just sit there…

Get up and do something to work off all the steam that’s building into the evening, when the Moon in Aries picks a fight with Saturn & Pluto.  It’s most intense between 6:32pm and 7:32pm PST, but we’ll feel it for a couple of hours before & after.

You may want to run away and find a nice rock to crawl under while this pressure-cooker transit occurs.  But the truth is, you can run but you can’t hide from Pluto, and Saturn will just think you are being lazy.

Action-oriented Aries makes the Moon seek an immediate outlet for all the pent-up energy.  Just count to ten before saying or doing something you may regret later. If you must be out & about in the world at large, keep in mind that others are possibly as hot-blooded, paranoid & defensive as you may feel.

Luckily, tomorrow’s trine of Venus to Saturn is already underway, helping to keep our manners in check and our relationships solid and dependable, in spite of this evening’s volcanic intensity.

Tungurahua Volcano - 1999 Image by USGS

1999 Image by USGS

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