Groundhog decides to go back inside

Well, it’s Groundhog Day, and the little critter is likely to abandon the whole “predict how much longer winter will last” thing and jump right back in its hole.

Indeed, today’s Moon/Saturn conjunction ganging up on Pluto might lead any one of us to decide it’s better to just cozy up by the fireplace and sip a nice cuppa hot chocolate until it’s over.

Pluto, the “power” planet, is presently chilling out in Saturn’s realm of Capricorn.  Meanwhile, Saturn itself is now putting extreme pressure on this already Saturn-ized Pluto by way of the challenging “square” aspect.  To top it off, the Moon conspires with Saturn in Libra today to cast an even colder blast in the direction of Pluto.

Since Pluto intensifies whatever it touches, we shall get to see what an extreme dose of Saturn feels like. Saturn has a cold, dark and heavy energy that tends to delay or slow things down. This portends some extra wintry conditions, whether literally or metaphorically or both.

By early evening, the Moon will be making friendly overtures towards Mars, which should help warm things up a bit and pick up the pace, but the overall energy for the day is dominated by a somber sense of unhurried austerity.

No matter what the Groundhog ends up deciding, try to be proactive about fending off any sense of gloom or depressive tendencies.  Some good humor and warm food & drinks ought to do the trick.  And remember, at least it’s just a passing mood the world is going through!

Here’s a fun website for learning more about the traditions of Groundhog Day:

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