Jump and grow wings

Spoken like a true Aries: “I will jump and I will grow wings on the way down.” http://pinterest.com/pin/133771051402356423/

Jump and grow wings

The Devil Particle is discovered

Uranus in Aries quickens the pace of pioneering discovery.

First the God Particle was discovered at the large collider in Switzerland.

And then the Devil Particle was discovered in a washing machine in Australia.

Watch the historic footage: “Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart”

Happy Aphelion Day!

Feeling estranged from your life force lately? Here’s why.

Or need a holiday from your own ego? Now’s your chance.

It’s called Aphelion.

Check out the science of it all: Earth farthest from sun for 2012 on July 4

[ Image credit: NASA via earthsky.org ]

C’mon, inner peace — I don’t have all day.

Today’s Full Moon intensifies a T-square to Pluto-Uranus, right as Mars jumps into the fray of clashing Cardinal signs.

It soon gets even crazier, as Mars marches deeper into the Pluto-Uranus line of fire. All is tinder, so don’t toss matches!

100% chance of increasing agitation for the next few weeks, but good things come to those who wait it out.

 "C'mon, inner peace—I don't have all day."

[ Image source: Paulo Coelho @ https://www.facebook.com/paulocoelho ]

Prepare for liftoff

Mars into Libra leaves us with a lack of Earth element for the rest of summer.

Things lose traction, the world grows idle, it’s unclear where we stand…

Talk about a blast from the past!

Jupiter on South Node revives karmic connections in a big, fun way. Time to kiss any old regrets goodbye.

It’s been building for the last couple of weeks and will last a couple more.

Great time to empty out those karmic closets, clear away old baggage, and release the ties that held you back.

And since it’s in Gemini, why not pick up the phone and call an old friend!

Venus moving forward again

Ok, Venus is direct. You are now free to move about the shopping malls. But only 17 more shopping days till Mercury goes retrograde!

Botticelli - La Nascita di Venere

You say you want a Revolution?

Political turmoil is all the rage for the next few years, now that Uranus Square Pluto is underway. Last time these two planets met up was in the 60s. You say you want a Revolution? Well, you know . . . All you need is LOVE!


The times, they are a changin’ once again

Uranus can be irksome if you don’t enjoy having things turned upside down unexpectedly. Just ask Pluto!

The long-awaited Uranus Pluto Square is now exact, with six more direct hits to follow over the next few years.

We haven’t had this much momentum for social upheaval since the 1960s . . .

Here’s the chart for the first hit: Uranus Square Pluto finally becomes exact

True Aries types don’t wear shoes—they sport footgear.

aries shoe by masaya kushino

aries shoe by masaya kushino
True Aries types don’t wear shoes—they sport footgear.