Happy Sweltering Solstice!

Sun comes to a standstill, while Cancer Moon turns up the heat on a sizzling Uranus-Pluto combo.

The Universe wants to know: what’s YOUR melting point?

Melting Ice Cream Truck

Double-good fun!

In honor of today’s rare double-take of a second New Moon in the sign of the Twins, I think I’ll have two of everything for the next month 🙂

[Cue scary soundtrack music here]

Collective mood turns ominous as Pluto tightens the screws on Uranus. Make creative use of the ensuing tumult & upheaval through the end of June!

An epidemic of playful curiosity is upon us!

Who let Jupiter into Gemini? That’s like setting Pandora loose in a room full of sealed boxes!

Playful curiosity shall reign as the predominant emotion for the next year or so.

Let’s set a few ground rules:

Don’t even try to finish what you start, and stop making promises you don’t want to keep.

Just learn something new each day, and cover as much ground as you can.

When in doubt, go whichever way the wind blows.

The one with the most frequent flyer miles wins!

Dancing with the Transit of Venus

This is possibly the most fun Transit of Venus image I’ve seen so far: these people are doin’ it right!

Source: flickr.com via Starology on Pinterest

“I’ll Have Another” won’t have another after all.

This year’s Triple Crown contender, by the name of “I’ll Have Another”, won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness with true grit, digging deep and pulling hard in both races to come from behind and edge past the leader right at the finish line.

What a wonderful example of the sheer determination and dedication conferred when Mars and Saturn join forces in a birth chart! (see below for the horse’s natal chart)

But this week’s Lunar Eclipse and Transit of Venus, both of which were in heavy conflict with Mars, put undue strain on the main source of stress in I’ll Have Another’s birth chart: the colt’s natal Mars-Saturn Opposition has been challenged all week by 4th-Harmonic direct hits from Mars and the Eclipses, and it all just proved to be too much agitation.

The horse was scratched from the Belmont Stakes on the eve of the race—and will be retired from racing—due to tendonitis.

It’s a shame there weren’t any helpful Trines or Sextiles in the horse’s chart to ease the strain of his Mars-Saturn Opposition. If there were, this great athlete could have been preparing this evening to take his place in history, instead of suffering the pain of a career-ending injury.

Here’s the chart, but take note: birth time is unknown, so ignore the house cusps, and remember that the moon could be 12 degrees earlier or later than 29 gemini.

I'll Have Another natal chart

Close Encounter of the Venusian Kind

Venus glides across the Sun, pressing a giant “reset” button on Love, Beauty, and Money.

What you want will never be the same again.

It’s all about wiping the slate clean and starting over in matters of the heart; forging new desires in the crucible of conscious awareness.

Release your attachments and unleash that inner artist!

Disappearing Moon packs a punch!

Pow! What was that? Oh, just a Lunar Eclipse squaring off with Mars, the God of War. Duck and run for cover till it all blows over.


We tie up loose ends in the dark of a waning moon, preparing to break out of old ruts under the umbrella of a Solar Eclipse. Lay low and wait a few days before launching new beginnings!

Full Moon on the Equinox

We reach a tipping point as Full Moon triggers volatile Jupiter/Uranus combo right on the Equinox. It’s a giant see-saw! Seek balance.