The calm before the storm…

Gather your reserves for this weekend’s big blowout!

The Moon spends one last day in Cancer, making very few waves aside from a light touch of Uranian stimulation this evening.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Leo lights up the Mars – Venus exchange.  What’s more, it is no ordinary Full Moon; it is “extra full”, due to the fact that this one happens to coincide with the closest Perigee of the year.

The Perigee is the time each month when the moon is closest in terms of its actual distance to the Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter than usual.  When it lines up with a New or Full Moon, as in this case, we see more extreme tides in the oceans and a corresponding surge in wild swings of human emotion.

Watch out for emotional whiplash!

Meanwhile, the long-range potency of Saturn’s entanglement with Pluto reaches a high pitch this weekend as well.

Nurture yourself and others in preparation for an action-packed weekend of drama and intensity.

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