Venus and Mars: tug of war or delicate balancing act?

It’s the battle of the sexes!  Mars & Venus oppose each other today, which gets hormones pumping & creative juices flowing.

The natural tension between Yin and Yang is stretched to the limit.

This opposition is exact at 9:29pm PST, and the planetary “push-me-pull-you” brings the energy of Leo and Aquarius front and center, as Mars and Venus cavort in those signs.

Those of us with no planets in Leo or Aquarius should grab a bag of popcorn, sit back and relax, and enjoy the show.

Lots of potential for high drama as the planet of action (Mars) and the planet of romance (Venus) mix things up.

And it’s not just for tonight: Friday’s Full Moon lands squarely on Mars, opposite the Sun and Venus.

Thus tonight’s fireworks will not fade away quickly.  Rather, they should keep sizzling all the way through the weekend.

Last weekend’s T-square of the Moon to Venus & Mars was just a rehearsal – this weekend is the real show.

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